Covid-19: Leading a Team Remotely, and in a Time of Great Unrest

Timothy (Tim) Jerome, PMP® MBA, is a thought leader, lecturer, and mentor on topics of Project Management, Business, and Leadership across the planet. Tim has held the PMP® credential since 2003, a member of Project Management Institute (PMI) since 2001 and has led and supported projects globally for over 20 years. Areas of expertise include Data Center design, implementation and transition, IT technology transformation, Enterprise PC fleet management, and business decision making within finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and government industries. As business consultant, Tim has enjoyed coll........


Your work is progressing well, and your team seems to have bonded. You seem to be able to influence your stakeholders as well. You walk into your office on any morning, and then an emergency occurs - it is much bigger than one person can comprehend, yet you have to ensure that you are the rock, so your team doesn't get lost in the drama of the event.

We are there right now - isolated because of a pandemic and an entirely different way of having to get work done without a predictable outcome. 

This webinar will lead you through a similar scenario and put you in the seat of a leader as you quell fears, establish discipline, and stabilize the work until you are ready to take decisive action.

Why should you attend this webinar?

As leaders, we need to set the tone of the work environment - be ready for great change, but during confusion, ambiguity and uncertainty still drive decorum and continuity. This takes the mindset of a leader as well as the ability to ensure people feel safe, have a bit of control, and feel they're able to contribute to something positive. How do we do this?

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Leadership, Management, Motivation and influence
  • Project Management
  • Decision-making, negotiation, Analysis
  • Business Continuity

Who can Benefit:

  • Leaders
  • Executives
  • Management

Webinar Id: HIPTTJ001

Training Options:

Duration: 90 mins


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 Recorded: [Six month unlimited access]

$339 (Single Attendee) $749 (Unlimited Attendee)

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Covid-19: Leading a Team Remot....
Presenter: Timothy (Tim) Jerome
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