HIPAA Compliant Fundraising Under New Rules - 2019

Joel Simon is one of the nation's leading experts on the fund raising aspects of HIPAA. Joel has been a member of the Maryland bar for 30 years, and his professional experience includes work as the assistant general counsel of a community hospital. Joel is an editor of "Fundraising Under HIPAA" published by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. He has lectured on Fund Raising under HIPAA to national audiences since the original HIPAA regulations were first proposed 17 years ago.


Not-for-Profit organizations that are governed by HIPAA often need or want to fund raise from their patients, clients, or families. What protocols should be in place to maximize philanthropic opportunities under HIPAA? What compliance measures need to be in place and assessed to properly use protected health information for fund raising.

Why should you attend this webinar?

Institutions that fundraise and have access to of HIPAA protected health information need to be aware of opportunities to hone fund raising strategies to maximize philanthropic revenue for your organization.
Similarly, health related institutions that fund raise must make sure their fundraising practices minimize the compliance risks and satisfy mandates governing the use of patient/client information.
If you are a health care professional who is affiliated with a fund raising institution, you will learn how you can remain both ethically and legally complaint with patient privacy, while assisting both your affiliated institution and your patient/client.
Institutions will learn about compliance requirements for donor data base management. You will also learn effective and efficient strategies to maintain compliance.
You will learn how to keep your fund raising communication and related policies compliant without impairing operational effectiveness.

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