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Coy Murchison

Coy Murchison is keynote speaker at Hippa Ijona. She is regarded as the first Medical Device Security Analyst in the United States to integrate Biomed - Healthcare Technology Management ("HTM") into HIPAA security as a structural compliance program. Coy Murchison developed the first of its kind - a Medical Device Security program, at Texas Health Resources, integrating a comprehensive threat prevention program which synergized HIPAA compliance across departments: 
  • Cyber Security
  • Information Security
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security 
Biomed, now termed Healthcare Technology Management.
She has functional knowledge and expertise in both HIPAA privacy and security, and considered the ideal candidate to build newly imagined compliance platforms which captured threat prevention and security protocols of medical devices within hospital IT infrastructures.

As an accomplished healthcare compliance consultant for 15-year,- Coy Murchison has successfully trained large and small healthcare institutions on HIPAA compliance. She has served as a HIPAA privacy expert with proven results. In the evolution of HIPAA, she has attained accreditations as an implementation manager and recognized as a change agent in establishing compliance programs which aids in the ease of applicability of an amalgamated program to ensure patients' health information is protected from unauthorized exposure.

Coy Murchison is the owner a boutique consulting company-Berry, Herring, Hayes & Associates. She serves on several boards. She is most proud of her work as the first vice-chair, establishing the Alliance For A Brighter Community ("ABC") Foundation. An organization which supports post-baccalaureate dreams of disadvantage students and families. However, she is most proud of her two boys which are the greatest joy in her life.

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