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John Brewer

John Brewer is Keynote Speaker at HIPAA Ijona. John has been involved with technology since before the 3 and a half inch floppy disk. He is a retired Air Force pilot. While in the Air Force he flew the KC-135R, C-9A and E-8C aircraft. He was always heavily involved with the technology advances in the offices where he worked. He was also a Computer Security Officer. Along with his high-level security clearance, these experience exposed him heavily to government regulations - how to read them, how to interpret them and how to enact them. 

In early 2000 John started an information technology (IT) support company. As the company grew, a majority of his clients were medical practices. Soon, the specter of HIPAA compliance began to rise above the horizon. In order to ensure his clients were ready, he dove into the HIPAA regulations and learned them forward and backward. During this process he realized there were no good solutions that existed to help private practice physicians comply with the HIPAA regulations. From this realization he began to build his own solutions.

Today he have everything needed to help a private practice, and their business associates, operate in a HIPAA compliant manner in the easiest most cost-effective way.

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